Mars Transit of Aries, Sun in Aries – Opposition to Saturn and Rahu

Mars Transit of Aries, Sun in Aries – Opposition to Saturn and Rahu

Planet Mars will transit the sign Aries from 10 April 2013 until 21 May 2013.

The Sun will transit the sign Aries from 14 April to 14 May 2013. Sun is exalted in Aries.

Also in Aries from 13 January for 14 months is Lord Ketu, South Node of the Moon. Ketu, rules fire element, Kuja vat Ketu applies. Ketu behaves as Mars, and is friends with Venus. Venus will also be transiting the sign Aries at this time.

There will be 7 (seven) planets in saptami parvai (seventh sight), as Rahu and Lord Sani Bhagavan will be in Tula – Libra giving direct aspect to Aries for this period. Aspect is full, 100%.

This saptami parvai – seventh sight – will cause difficulties on the planet in the South East and South directions.

This direct vision will also cause difficulty to politicians and expose corruption, and corrupted persons. Indications are there to support activity by Law and Order forces, independent of politicians and corrupt persons to be exposed in public domain.

Sun, Mars, Ketu all rule fire element, so extreme heat and fire disaster are possible due these planets all ruling fire element. It is also possible for volcanic eruption on sea floor. So East, South, South East, possible late summer in countries below the Equator with extreme heat in April-May. Possible late bushfires, wildfires. Old people should take extra care and not assume hot season is over and that Autumn has begun.

Remedies available to devotees are group prayer, homams to Lord Shiva and Nava Chandi Homam to Parasakthi.

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