Puja – Prayers and Offerings for World Peace


Puja for World Peace

flood damage, China

Man is born that he might not be born again. Sparks fly upwards when opposition between Mars and Saturn takes place. In this time, Mars is debilitated in Cancer (water sign) and Rahu is conjunct Saturn approaching exact degree of conjuction. This has effect on both personal activities (Cancer is the house of emotions, responsibility, duty to family and society, etc.), and on the world stage, as recent floods in China have born out. There is a need to seek peace within, and peace for the world. We offer one puja as loka sevanam, service to humanity, in which you may participate and join your prayers with others and priests in these troubled times.

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Transit of Mars Ardha to Purnavasu


World Predictions

Ashok Pillar

Sathyam moolam jagat: the Universe rests on Truth. For many years, Indian currency has the Ashok Pillar with Sathyameva Jayate – truth always triumphs – at the foot of the pillar. It is meet and fitting for those in leadership positions – in government, business and enterprise to always remember this.

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