Saturn aspects Mars in Sagittarius


Agastya Tamil Varudum Jaya – Agastya Solar Year Jaya, Year of Victory
Month – Purattaasi (Ashwin)
27, Purattaasi Masam, 1936 Shaka, Sri Jaya Year, Kaliyugam 5115
Day Monday 13 October 2014 at 2:17pm
Nakshatra (star, asterism) Moola, 1st Pada (part)
Transit of Lord Kuja (Mars) from Vrishickha (Scorpio) to Dhanista (Sagittarius)

Planet Saturn

From the 13 October, 2014, planet Mars will turn sandhi and will transit from the sign of Scorpio into Sagittarius. There will be world wide affects, due aspect of Saturn to Mars in Sagittarius. Agastya Nadi astrologer Sai Bharathi advises the impact of this transit below.

Planets will be challenged when Mars moves into Sagittarius on October 13th. Mars will no longer receive Jupiter’s benefic aspect and is instead aspected by Saturn. As there is enmity between Mars and Saturn, this aspect will not be good. There will be global effects. For this period, Mars will be in Moola nakshatra (asterism) owned by Ketu. Rule of Kuja vat Ketu applies, Ketu behaves like Mars. There will be significant opposition from Mars to Saturn in this instance. Moola nakshatra (asterism) is of sharp and dreadful nature. Due Ketu having poor networking skills, mundane events will have little or no warning.

Mars will now aspect Jupiter and Ketu. During the time of the solar eclipse and throughout the month Jupiter stands alone receiving the energy of three malefic planets: Mars, Saturn and Ketu.

Planetary war (graha yuddha) between Mars and Saturn is illustrated below:

  • Saturn is ponderous and slow moving
  • Mars is passion, ambition and energy
  • Saturn represents hard work
  • Mars wants results right now!
  • Saturn suspects Mars does not think before acting
  • Mars says Saturn is blocking quick effective decisions
  • Mars seeks results, quickly
  • Saturn gives self discipline and self-control; Saturn gives slow, steady progress.
  • Mars is action, aggression; Saturn advances after long reflection and preparation (manda, the slow moving one)
  • Drishti (vision, glance) of Mars is upwards; Drishti of Sani Bhagawan is downwards (due fire of Parvathi’s house)
  • Mars is pitta, heat: Saturn is vata, airy, cold

For the few weeks of Mars’ transit through Sagittarius, Saturn will also aspect Mars from its position in Libra (until Saturn moves in December.) This always retards, slows down activity and drive of Mars; if we can know in advance that we will be ready to move and work with Mars’ fire beneath us with patience, consideration, evaluation, reflection; we can work with that and utilize the drishti of Saturn to effect.

On the mundane (worldly) level, graha yuddha (planetary war) between Saturn and Mars has affect of possible wars, natural disasters, earthquakes and floods and cause large scale problem. Countries affected are in South, and North East directions. Japan and African nations are at risk of effects of planetary war. After this, there will be Saturn transit of Scorpio, please see my other post about this matter. Lord Sani Bhagawan transit of Scorpio will last two and one half years. Prayer for world peace is needed.

Puttaparthi Agastya Astrologer Sai Bharathi will attend Tirunallar on the 20th December, 2014 to complete a World Peace Prayer. It is highly recommended that all who are able participate in this prayer. The world is in need of this and it will be of unprecedented benefit for humanity (loka sevanam). Sai Bharathi is happy to do seva for all who wish to participate in this World Peace Prayer. Please complete the instructions below.

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Thanks and Best Regards,
Sai Bharathi
Agasthya Astrologer


Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthy, Kala Purusha

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