Guru Peyarchi 2015


Cancer to Leo

SuryaNarayana temple, BharaniOn Monday, 6 July at 01:03AM IST, Planet Jupiter – Brihaspati Deva will complete its year-long occupation of Cancer-Kartaka and transit to Leo-Simha rasi. This transit will cancel the auspicious aspect – trikona – between Jupiter and Saturn and Ketu – and due the transit occurring in the nakshatra of Magha (ruled by Ketu) will deliver very auspicious results for spiritual endeavour.

On this auspicious occasion Archana, Homam, Abhishekam, along with Sankalpam and Pujas will be performed to Lord Ganesha and to Guru Dakshina Murthi at the Suriynaar Temple, at Suriyanar Kovil, near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, on 12 July 2015.

Guru Peyarchi – Jupiter Transit 2015

Sri Dakshinamurthy
Sri Dakshinamurthy

We are about to complete one year of Jupiter exalted in Cancer. Blessings and spiritual progress and plenty have been present for all who attend to Jupiter with devotion and sincerity. People ruled by Jupiter are generally happy and successful in life. Jupiter remains in one house for about one year. From 6th July 2015, Jupiter will move to Leo and will remain there until August 2016.

This transit will have generally good results except a few signs that will not get the desired results during this transit depending upon your Ascendant or Moon Sign.

Moon sign born with Aries, Aquarius, Cancer, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius will find this transit most auspicious.

Moon sign born with Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces will get bad results of this transit.

Jupiter is kapha planet, water and fluid dhatu in body. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and is pitta in nature. Of the elements, Leo is fire sign. Vedas teach there is fire in water, so fire within Jupiter will be ignited during this transit. This suggests need for management of desires and preparation to do work on self control. Agni exists within the human body, vasudeva sarva midam, divinity is everywhere. Therefore there will be challenges and we must take up the dicta of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba – Life is a Challenge, MEET IT!

Saturn will continue to aspect Jupiter by 10th sight; while Saturn is friendly to Jupiter, calming and benefic effect of Jupiter on Saturn will be absent during this period. The effect will be unrestrained aspect of Saturn from Scorpio on nature element and Earth element in Taurus. Nature will continue to feel the effect of 7th aspect by Saturn.

When the transiting Rahu joins Jupiter in Leo in January 2016, we all may see a certain scattering of Jupiter’s benign energies. To ensure the positive energies of Jupiter are not weakened, worship regularly an attuned Guru Yantra which you may obtain from Sai Bharathi Shop in Samadhi Road, Puttaparthy.

Sacred Offerings for Transit

For this transit (peyarchi) the following Moon Signs are Benefited:

  • Aries
  • Aquarius
  • Sagittarius
  • Cancer
  • Libra
  • Leo

The following Moon Signs are Unfavourable:

  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Virgo
  • Scorpio
  • Capricorn
  • Pisces

are advised to do special activity like Homam, Sankalpam and Abhishekam to receive relief and good effects from Lord Jupiter. This is a very auspicious time to undertake such sacred offerings so soon after Lord Jupiter enters Leo, ruled by Sun – with offerings undertaken at Suriyanaar Temple wherein – inside, Guru-Brihaspati is making offerings to Lord Suryanarayana. Significant blessings will be received by those who participate these archanams (prayers), pujas (offerings), hommams (sacrificial fire).

Vighneswara idol at Sangameswarar Temple, Bharani

Vighneswara idol

The Temple

Suriyanaar Kovil is a “one of a kind temple” dedicated to the Sun God and it also houses shrines to each of the other eight celestial bodies – the Navagrahas. Close by, are the Shivastalams Tirumangalakkudi and Kanjanur (Sukrastalam).

Suryanaar Koyil was built by the Chola kings. Inscriptions from the period of Kulottunga Chola I (1075-1120) refer to this temple as the Kulottunga Chola Martanda Alayam. The Suriyanar temple faces west. The presiding deity here is Suryanarayana in a chariot like vimama (ancient aerial vehicle of the Vedanta), representing the sun’s chariot. There are also shrines to Kasi Viswanathar, Visalakshi and Brihaspati (Guru) in the sanctum. Shrines to the other celestial bodies are located outside of the sanctum.

Vighneswara idol at Sangameswarar Temple, Bharani

Suryanarayana and Chariot

Follow Dharma

At this auspicious location and occasion, prayers, sacrificial fire, abhishekham (washing of sacred objects with water, etcO along with spiritual effort and similar offerings will be performed to Lord Ganesha and Guru Dakshina Moorthy (Statues) and we plan to do sacred offerings at the Suryanaar Temple, Kovil, Kumbakonam on account of peyarchi, this Jupiter transit to sign ruled by the Sun.

At Suryanaar Kovil Temple

ON 13TH JULY 2015 – MONDAY – ROHINI NAKSHATRA, AMIRTHA YOGAM, during period 6AM – 8PM there will be Ganapathi Japa, Abhishekam, Gomatha Puja, Gaja Puja, then for Guru Dakshina Murthy we will undertake 1 lakh (100,000) Surya japam and navagraha shanti. Then Vasthra dhanam and anandam. Puja will be undertaken by 36 vedic pandits and veda chanting experts.

In Kali Yuga people want to know where their luck is, and how to get their luck. After participation in this puja, you may be guided by your guru and receive benefits from Guru navagraha. Vedam tells

– meaning Guru (Jupiter) is the master of the Universe.

Step 1: Send Email stating your wish to participate in Archana (prayers), Abhishekam (pouring of libations amidst chanting of mantras), Homam (ritual offerings to fire), Sankalpam (sacred resolutions and intentions), and Puja (offerings). YOU MUST WRITE YOUR NAME, MOON SIGN AND SUN SIGN.

Step 2: Make Payment via Paypal using the link below:

Thanks and Best Regards,
Sai Bharathi
Agasthya Astrologer


Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthy

The Armour of Brihaspati – Jupiter

(Jupiter – Brihaspati is a great benefic, but it causes a lot of problems when it moves to some of the houses, especially first, third, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth and twelfth from the moon. It stays in each house for one year. This Kavacha should be read on all Thursdays during that period to get rid of the problems. Persons who have Jupiter in these houses should contact the undersigned above in order to participate in rituals and offerings designed to alleviate and remove such afflictions.)

Sri Ganeshaya Namaha
(Salutations to Lord Ganesha)

Asya sri Brahaspathi Kavacha maha manthrasya Easwara rishi,
For the great chant of Armour to Jupiter the sage is Easwara

Anushtup Chanda
The meter is anushtup

Gurur devatha
The God is Brihaspati

Gam Bheejam
The root is “Gam”

Sri Shakthi
The power is “Goddess Lakshmi”

Kleem keelakam
The nail is “Kleem”

Guru preethyrarthe Jape Viniyoga
The chant is being done to please Guru

Abheeshta phaladham sarvajnam sura poojitham,
Aksha maladharam shantham pranamami bruhaspatheem.

I salute sage Brihaspati,
Who fulfills our wishes,
Who knows everything,
Who is worshipped by all devas,
Who wears the garland of beads,
And who is peaceful.

Bruhaspathi sira pathu, lalatam pathu may guru,
Karnou sura guru , nethre may abheeshta dayaka.

Let Brihaspati protect my head,
Let Guru (teacher) protect my forehead,
Let my ears be protected by teacher of devas,
And let my eyes be protected by he who fulfills wishes.

Jihwam pathu suracharya, nasaam may Veda Paraga,
Mukham may pathu sarvagna, kantam may devatha guru.

Let the teacher of devas protect my toungue,
Let my nose be protected by the expert in Vedas,
Let the all knowing one protect my face,
And let my neck be protected by teacher of devas.

Bhujavangeerasa pathu, karou pathu shubha prada,
Sthanou may pathu vageesa, kuksheem may shubha lakshana.

Let my hand be protected by Angeeras*,
Let my arms be protected by he who does good,
Let the master of speech protect my chest,
And let he who looks good protect my stomach.

*father of Brihaspati

Nabhim deva guru pathu, madhyam pathu sukha prada,
Katim pathu jagat vandya, ooru may pathu vak pathee.

Let my belly be protected by Guru,
Let he who does good protect my middle,
Let my hip be protected by he who is saluted by the universe,
And let the master of words protect my legs.

Janu jange suracharyo, padhou viswathamaka sada,
Anyani yani cha anganee, rakshenmay sarvatha guru.

Let the teacher of devas protect my thighs and knee,
Let my feet be protected by the soul of the world,
And let all other parts of my body be always be protected by Guru.

Ithyedath kavacham divyam trisandhyam ya paden nara,
Sarva kamaanvapnothi sarvathra vijayee bhaveth.

If this holy armour is read by men at dawn, noon and dusk,
They would succeed in all their acts,
And would gain victory everywhere.

Ithi Sri brahmyamaloktham Sri Brahaspathi kavacham sampoornam.
Thus ends the armour of Jupiter which occurs in Brhamyaloktham.

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