Effects of Malefic Planets for nations


14th of the Tamil month of Masi in the star of Vishakam, 4th part, ~ period from 26 February, 2016 to 3 September, 2016 (according to the western calendar)


In these days, Jupiter and shadow planet Rahu transit simha rasi (sign of Leo) in retrograde motion. This is guru-chandala yoga, which has particular afflictions. As Rahu and Ketu have completed peyarchi (transit) much focus will be in Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius) after Sun transits to Kumbh, and Mars transits to Scorpio-Vrishika rasi. Malefic planets will be in water signs, or aspecting water signs.

Jupiter will be in prolonged conjunction with Rahu up to end of February, 2016, within degree closeness. This time can bring one or another challenge for everybody. It will be specially difficult for those born in the ascending sign of Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn or for countries with rising with these signs. Diabetics or those with liver disorders are likely to have more problems up to end of February, 2016. This time will also be challenging for male children, trainers, lecturers and academics of all persuasions, legal advisers, astrologers and religious leaders. The situation becomes more difficult for those who have Jupiter weak and afflicted in the birth chart.

Water, Directions, Planets

Planets rule signs, houses and directions. There are movable, fixed and mutable signs. We have the North, South, East and West. We have planets ruling all the main points on the compass. When planets are in signs which rule the specific direction – or conjunct – and the sign is malefic (signs follow malefic, benefic, masculine, feminine order) then that direction on the Earth’s meridians may expect to feel physical impact of affliction and negative aspect, drishti of the planets. Keep in mind that planets have specific subtle effects in the human, and on the Earth herself. In the period relating these predictions, malefic planets will be in water signs and casting aspect, drishti, to other directions.. This will bring about strong impact of water-borne issues.

At this time, Saturn will be casting aspect to Capricorn, earth sign. Mars will be casting aspect to Aquarius, air sign. Where aspect produces activity on earth by way of natural disaster, readers are urged to be mindful that communications, road and rail transport will be having experience of accidents and disaster (see Bad Aibling rail disaster). Mars aspecting air sign Aquarius may produce element of fire in the air, and accidents in the air for flights (see Daallo Airlines Flight 3159 – hole blown in side of aircraft).

During this period, there are indications that some areas south west of Greenwich Meridian in the western hemisphere could be affected by disturbances in the Earth’s crust on account of volcanic activity. Planets have subtle effect on the earth’s crust and tectonic plate movements. The indications suggest this may occur in almost all of South America. Chile and Brazil are among the countries that could be affected. Severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are possible.

There will be change in the vimsottari dasha for the United States soon (March-April). The bhukti (has important effect) will change, and the United States could be affected by a natural disaster involving water. This could be in the form of a tsunami across the North Atlantic Ocean triggered by an earthquake or volcanic eruption emanating in an area immediately west of Greenwich Meridian, possibly emanating from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which extends right through the Atlantic Ocean to the Southern Ocean.

Effects on the physical welfare of a nation invoke a domino effect on all other aspects of culture, including financial culture. This could seriously affect the American stock market. As we have seen all too much recently, major falls and crashes in financial markets are now reflected on other markets worldwide in the same trading period. Should the United States experience devastation from water then the financial markets will also mirror this effect.


Early February, the Sun will move from the Moon’s star of Sravana to Mars’ star of Dhanishta. This is a more potentially unpredictable Sun than what we have seen in star of Sravana, and as the Sun receives an aspect from both Saturn and Mars at very close degree (Sun 22°10, Saturn 20°24 and Mars 23°10) and we have Mars aspecting an earth sign, we could see the increase of earthquakes and explosions (Mars in an air sign).

The Sun (Surya) will transit and combine with Ketu between 12th February and 13th March, 2016. During this period, there will be serious political problems in many countries around the world. Politicians in various countries including India will be exposed and brought before the courts for corruption and other misdemeanours. (Consider recent exposures of corruption in sport.)

Mars is in high orbit right now (slows its progress through our skies, eventually goes retrograde and then reaches the closest approach to our Home Planet (perigee) on May 22, before resuming direct motion and then finally coming back up to normal apparent motion.) This means Mars will be in Scorpio both direct and retrograde until September 17th. Mars will also be transiting with Saturn! Mars in its own sign will strengthen the impact and effects from this sign.

Due the conjunction of Mars and Saturn (natural enemies) in transit and retrograde in a water sign (ruled by Mars) there will be strong subtle impact of this conjunction on large bodies of water. There are underground volcano, which, when erupting (Mars, heat, energy, discharges, eruptions) cause changes to water level and stability of oceans. There may be effects – possibly a tsunami – in the South East Asian region similar to the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. Indications are that New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore could be seriously affected by rising water levels, possibly a severe tsunami. Island nations would be at extreme risk should water levels rise. As Singapore is an island nation and at exposure to water level rises all round, the effects of Mars-Saturn natural enmity and retrograde motion may be felt very strongly.

Sri Lanka is also an island nation with the Bay of Bengal on one side, the Arabian Sea on the other side and the Indian ocean to the South. Where ocean floor volcanic activity and plate movement occurs in any of these bodies of water, Sri Lanka will feel effects as it did from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Planetary placements in signs relevant to Sri Lanka indicate that this nation may also be seriously affected by a disaster relating to water. This could be at the same time as the rest of South East Asia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Wikipedia reports the following:

The undersea megathrust earthquake was caused when the Indian Plate was subducted by the Burma Plate and triggered a series of devastating tsunamis along the coasts of most landmasses bordering the Indian Ocean, killing 230,000 people in 14 countries, and inundating coastal communities with waves up to 30 metres (100 ft) high. It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history. Indonesia was the hardest-hit country, followed by Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand. (Source)

A similar problem involving unusually high water levels could also affect China and Japan in the North East direction.

Service Opportunity

The planets are agents of the kalapurusha, the body of the formless Divine. The planets have tasks and functions with regard to gunas, impulses to action which emerge from within, and more particularly, the mind. The Veda says: Chandrama manaso jathaha chaksho suryo ajayatha mukhadindrascha agnishcha. The Moon is the presiding deity of the mind. It is important that we take care with our thoughts, emotions and feelings. These are the karanas, the inner instruments by which we create the world we live in and experience. So we should take care; care of ourselves and care of others.

We are not helpless before the mighty energies within the Earth and surrounding the Earth. Astrology is the science of light – jyotisha, and the astrologer looks to the birth chart to unpack the language of light to the devotee. Here, we have unpacked the language of light with regard to water, malefic planets in water signs, conjunction, apogee and retrograde movements. The language of light is within the human, for imagination is the nation of images. We may hold positive thoughts, feelings and images of welfare for the Earth and these nations at risk. We may take up the nation of images within and image with service for the welfare of all: samastha loka, sukhino bhavantu: may all beings in all the worlds, be happy. We may use our feelings coupled to the language of light in selfless service for humanity. We are not helpless.

We are not helpless for we are people of faith. We may take up prayer, mantram, japam and yagna. In these times, prayers should be offered for world peace and planetary stability. Imagination is the nation of images, and when we use our imagination, imagining a world of calm, peace, cooperation, harmony and understanding, we may call upon angels, devas – and even God – to take our positive thoughts and prayers and spread them in the world where it may be needed. Much prayer, puja and sacrifices to the fire are needed at this time.


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  • Anyone wishing to participate in these puja may inform their people and join puja using the link below


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