Saturn World Transit


Sai Bharathi Planetary Projection for

Agastya Tamil Varudum Jaya – Agastya Solar Year Jaya, Year of Victory
Month – Markalia (Magashira) 1st day
Day Tuesday 16 December 2014
Nakshatra (star, asterism) Vishakha, 4th Pada (part)
Transit of Lord Shani Dev from Tula (Libra) to Vrishickha (Scorpio)


From the 16th December, 2014, the planet Saturn will transit from the sign of Libra into Scorpio. Scorpio is not at all a favourable sign for Saturn to occupy. As of late July 2014, Saturn is in Tula (Libra) where it is in exaltation. Saturn will then move from Libra to Scorpio, where Mars is the sign lord. Mars is neutral to Saturn, Saturn is enemy towards Mars.

Lord Shani Dev – Saturn is going to stay in its opponents house for the next 2 1/2 Years. Hence the incoming year 2015 is going to make dramatic changes into the life of everyone by bringing unexpected surprises.

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What the world needs now

Taken from email to Sai-NET, 29 July 2012

I would like to share a message I received from Sai Bharati the astrologer
from Puttaparthi. He said (paraphrased) that we all should keep a positive
frame of mind. If we fill our minds with thoughts of destruction and chaos then
we will create disaster. As we feel so we reflect. He asked us to please be
positive. What the world needs is group prayer and this can avert any disaster.

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