Solar New Year 2013 – 2014


Predictions for 14th April 2013 to April 2014
Vijaya varudam (Agastiya varudam)
the Tamil New Year 2013 – 2014:

Om Sri Sai Ram Beloved,

On 14th April 2013 the Tamil New Year named Vijay Varudam (Year of Triumph) will commence when the planet Surya enters in the first degree in Aries. This is the 27th year in the 60 year cycle foretold by Agasthya. The year begins on Sunday with the ascendant in Sagittarius and Krittika (4th part) as the star. This New Year is Amirdha Yogam which means that generally it will be a year of good luck. During this time of the New Year most of the planets are in an excellent position.

For example, the Jupiter and Moon combination are in Guru Chandra Yogam which will give humanity a very strong connection to Mother Earth and significantly rains will come. Saturn is also one of the planets in a heightened position which will determine that people will have a very auspicious year. Mars is situated in its own house of Aries which will lend itself to being a strong and courageous year. Anything to do with energy/electricity will be positively influenced.

The only planet which is not in a good position is Mercury which is actually depleted, so where change and communications are involved obstacles will most likely to be encountered.

All the planets like Ketu, Mars, Sun, and Venus are expecting directly to the Saptama Parvai (seventh sight) which will have an impact on world co-operation, instability in financial markets worldwide and the potential for wars/conflicts in different parts of the world.

From the 14th April 2013 to 14th May 2013 it is indicated that it will be a month which is more vulnerable to wars starting and for those individuals already facing considerable difficulties they will find that their troubles seem more burdensome than ever before. Politically there will be turmoil and corrupted politicians can be exposed by law.

For those facing difficulties or countries, it is possible to come out of these difficult times through group meditation and group prayers.

However, for those individuals involved in spirituality it is a time when they can make significant progress spiritually. Also those people that believe in a higher form of spirituality, they can concentrate on Uma Maheswara (Siva Shakti Pooja) which will bring about positive transformation.

Political changes will come to the world, notably there will be unexpected shifts in power at the top in key countries.

On August 14th 2013 the water level will increase in the world and beneath the ocean some key, very valuable discoveries will be found.

From October 24th 2013 for one week everyone needs to be mindful that it is a time when the world will be more predisposed to big changes particularly, relating to natural disasters. It is a time when the sea level will be very high. The rivers will be very vulnerable to over spilling and floods will be possible. Cosmetic prices are also likely to go down. Those who are travelling to other countries are more likely to experience difficulties. More accidents are likely to happen at this time, so we may hear of factories leaking poisonous substances like nuclear waste in the world. There will also be problems for factories in terms of energy supplies.

Kodaikanal (in Tamil Nadu) will be affected by very heavy rains which will cause landslides.

This year indicates that all Sundays throughout the year will be lucky and blessed. In this year numbers 5 and 6 will be lucky.

This year indicates whosoever is has any of the three nakshatras ruled by Guru – Jupiter Punurvasu, Vishaka and PurvaBhadra will have a good life throughout the year. Those born with the numbers 3, 8, 12, 17, 21, 26, or 30 will also experience a blessed year ahead of them.

Those born with the Moon in Pisces and Sagittarius will have a very good life in 2013.

Geographically those countries South East of India including countries such as Australia and Sri Lanka will need to be aware that they are susceptible to political turmoil and natural disasters.

Sathya Sai Baba at Simla

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