Guru Pearchi – Transit of Jupiter 2013


28 May 2013

From Tuesday, May 28th, 9.18pm Jupiter is transiting and is in the star Mrugasira (3rd part) which is influenced by the planet Mars. Currently, Brihaspati – Jupiter – Guru is in Taurus and will shortly move from Taurus to Gemini.


On this auspicious occasion Archana, Homam, Abishekem, and Sankalpam and Pujas will be performed to Lord Sri Subramanian in Tiruechendur Temple in Tamil Nadu and Meenashi Temple in Madurai. Since Jupiter will enter the house of Gemini, Gemini Rasi is influenced by Mercury (Mercury is Rasi Lord for Gemini) influencing the temple to be Meenakshi.

Thiruchendar Subramanyaswami
Thiruchendar Subramanyaswami

30th May 2013 is in Sravana Star and the day will be a Tuesday and the Vaikasi is 16 Tamil. Due to the mentioned movement of Jupiter those who fall under the preview of the following MOON signs and SUN signs during the period of May 30th 2013 to 2014;


are advised to do special Pooja like Homam, Sankalpam and Abishekem to receive relief and good effects from Lord Jupiter.

The following people with the moon sign below will experience the benefits from Lord Guru Bhagawan (Lord. Jupiter) they are


Ardha Nakshatra is influenced by Rahu. However most persons will have a good life in 2013. The fact that Jupiter has come to the house of Gemini(which is an unfavourable house for Jupiter) which will cause instability particularly in the world. Everybody needs to come together in prayer for Unity, Divinity and Spirituality.

Please note Pisces and Aries according to the Guru situation in the star Mrisghashira are influenced by the planet Mars as Lord of this Nakshatra.

Those who are willing to perform the named poojas may contact the undersigned at our website. Click here to contact us at our website

Please write your Moon and Sun signs. Also write if you have any further questions or enquiries to make.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Sai Bharathi
Agasthya Astrologer

These persons would be benefited by participation in homam, abhishekham, sankalpam, archana, puja, and may contact Sai Bharathi on our contact page in order to participate in the puja. Send Name, birth date, sun sign, moon sign, etc, to Sai Bharathi. Sai Bharathi will respond and give indication how to pay using Paypal. You may seek to participate here and make payment thought Paypal.

Jupiter with Rings
Jupiter with Rings

Significance of Jupiter – Brihaspathi

Next to the Sun (Surya), Jupiter (Guru) is the largest physical planet in the solar system. It is 483. 7 million miles from the Sun, has a day of 9.9 hours and the Jovian year lasts 11.9 Earth years. Guru – Lord Jupiter resides in one of the astrological houses one year. So it takes 12 years for Jupiter to visit a house again. This is the significance of Guru Peyarchi.

Slow moving planets like Saturn (Shani), Jupiter (Guru) and the nodes of the Moon (Rahu and Ketu) bring pronounced influences while transiting various signs and/or houses.

The planet Jupiter (Guru) represents energies and cosmic forces that can manifest in different ways. The placement of Jupiter in each House describes the way in which Guru’s planetary energies will be represented. It shows the motivation and the roles the person will adopt as per the placement of Guru in his or her birth chart.

Worship of Jupiter (Guru) results in cure from ailments affecting the stomach and helps one to ward off his or her sins, helps him/her in gaining strength, valour and longevity, etc. Jupiter also grants the boon of parenthood and education. Kind-hearted Jupiter is considered as the dispenser of justice and can be known only by a proper study of the Vedas. Thursdays are considered to be the best day for the worship of Jupiter.

Jupiter – Guru and Your Astrology

Astrology indicates predispostions for learning and where a person may make propitation to planets in order to overcome most challenges and confrontations stemming from life, hemmed in, prarabdha karmas, etc. If you do not know your astrology chart, and if you wish to take up remedies and make proper propitation of the planets and pursue dharma (rigtheousness, right conduct), seek an astrological reading with the Puttparthi Vedic Astrologer, Sai Bharathi. You may seek one reading here and make payment thought Paypal.