Sun transits Libra


Sun Transits Libra

Surya Temple, Konark

From 18 October through 16 November 2013, the Sun – Lord Suryanarayana – will transit Libra (Tula rasi). This transit of a house of alliances – particularly high level political alliances – will be challenged by the current placement of Saturn and Rahu, who both occupy Libra at this point in time.

The Sun represents in the incarnating soul, the personality, the ego. The Sun is exalted in Aries (Mesha) and debilitated in Libra. Saturn – currently placed in Libra rasi – is in exaltation. Normally, when the Sun enters Libra, it is debilitated; in this instance, an exalted planet is in the same house (Saturn) and debilitation – neechabanga – is cancelled. The Sun is released to act normally in this house. However, this places four nominal malefic planets acting in this house at this time. It will be a time of multiple challenges.

Libra is the natural 7th house, the house of alliances and contracts in the public domain. The 7th house not only rules marriage and spouse, it also rules all relationships in public. In mundane (earth based external matters) the 7th house also rules government matters – particularly foreign affairs, relations with other countries whether friendly or hostile, political or commercial, war, public enemies to the nation, and also the national marriage/divorce rate.

Saturn is presently in Libra, where it is exalted. On the mundane – worldwide level, Saturn rules banking, politics, career and finance. Saturn also rules history, the past. Political, economic, banking institutions may all experience exposure of hidden activities such as corruption, insider trading, cartels, and activities which flout the public morals and ethics in society.

Conjunct Saturn in Libra is Rahu, the shadow planet, who rules Swati nakshatra – also located in Libra.

Rahu seeks to have that which he legitimately does not have nor deserve.

Self-serving Rahu is ambitious to have power and pelf by way of agreements and relationships. Rahu, being a smoky, oily shadow planet is a master of camouflage, yet, appears a credible, legitimate holder of office, rank and status and privilege. In Tula, Rahu is a compulsive deal-maker, fascinated by the hubris of high office and can seduce partners into pretentious relationships which give him status. After all, the demon Swarbhanu seduced one and all and sat in line with the gods to receive the nectar of immortality, amritha.


However, Swarbhanu’s deception was exposed by the Sun and the Moon; Swarbhanu was beheaded, we now have Rahu. At this point in time, the Sun has entered the same house as Rahu and Saturn – and soon to be retrograde – Mercury. What will be exposed when the Sun is in the same house as Rahu and the moon aspects by degree?

The effect of constraints, restraints and discipline by way of influence of Saturn is magnified by Rahu. Sani vat Rahu may well propel Rahu driven illicit office-holders out into the public eye where that which is hidden is brought into the light of day by powerful, dutiful, truth-based and morality based procedures. These can be parliamentary procedures, legislated declarations of interest, proper disclosure of company directorships and other business relations – along with legal procedures which require full accountability and reporting of sources of income. The presence of the Sun in Libra may cause powerful ructions and exposure.

There is more: Rahu and Ketu along with Mercury act like the lord of the sign they are in, or the planet that aspects them. As Mars opposes Saturn, in this instance, Ketu may be sending full Mars opposition to the Sun and Mercury, the planet of fast communications. With Saturn exalted, and friends with Mercury (and Rahu) it will be 4 malefics, Ketu, Rahu, Saturn and not so well associated Mercury who becomes a temporal malefic that may bring energy to bear on what the Sun brings to light.

The matter will be compounded when the Sun enters Swati nakshatra, ruled by Rahu and has Jupiter and Saturn as pada lords: Jupiter betokens law and probity, Saturn rules history, banking, finance and discipline. In the natural house of alliances, alliances fructified by law-breaking may be exposed. This may happen on a national level, an international level, and may also bring to notice government corporations and authorities paying hidden kickbacks in order to obtain contracts with favourable terms of trade. All these matters are the domain of Libra, and oversighted by Saturn along with the rule Sani vat Rahu, we have Rahu magnification as well.

This is no longer the time of the single financial operator or signifier. What shakes and rocks one financial market causes a domino effect on other world markets, due lending, credit ratings and terms of trade. We have had a global financial crisis; dysfunctional accounting like this could only be possible in the murky depths of Kali Yuga where dharma, right conduct, stands on one leg only. In the darkness of Kali Yuga, as the Sathya Sai Avatar repeatedly told, truth is the basis of the universe.

What are the solutions. What may we do?

We may pray for world peace. We may do Shiva worship with rudra japam (chanting the names of Lord Shiva) and homam – sacred fires with offerings to Lord Shiva.

We may do prayers and yagna, japa and homams to Chandri (var. Candri) the Supreme Mother of Devi Mahatmya for World Peace. Prayers for World Peace at times of full moon are very powerful and have strong effect.


Thanks and Best Regards,
Sai Bharathi
Agasthya Astrologer

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