Infatuation, Romance and True Love

Sathya Sai Baba with flowers

Infatuation is about the collapse of boundaries and re-imaging the other into the perfect other; one makes a Surya (a shining Sun of perfection) out of the one they have fallen head over heels for. Putting Surya (as shining Sun of perfection) in the eyes or in the eyes of the other is not the human task; Surya rules the heart, and resides there as the immortal atma.

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Marriage, Health and Children

Good health is needed in marriage for many reasons, not the least that — in the West — marriage can be an enduring marathon of stress if the partners are not matched on all important counts. For good health, a strong lagna and lagna lord is needed. There should be strong benefics in kendra and trikona houses. Malefics in houses 3-6-11 reveal inherent resistance to disease.

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Sathya Sai Baba Sandesh on Marriage

Sathya Sai Baba

“Before one is married, one does not know anything about the attitudes of one’s own wife. Prior to the marriage, whatever difficulty the girl may come across, the husband is not going to worry about it. But once the marriage is performed, even if the wife has a small pain or difficulty, the husband also suffers great sorrow. The truth becomes clear from this example that these sorrows and difficulties come half-way in our life, and they are not natural to us.”

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Dosha and Marriage

It is important to manage Dosha and afflictions to marriage. Too many marriages are ending in separation or divorce, worldwide. The people should not be indulging their own desires, nor should they be allowing the darkness of Kali Yuga to infiltrate the mind. People should not be sleepwalking through their lives. We need to manage doshams; we need to neutralize them or remove them.

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Marriage and its Impediments

Infatuation (seeing the as the ideal – and perfect – partner) is an impediment to a successful marriage. Guru will go to work immediately after the marriage to raise the ego boundaries, dim the light of perfection in the eyes of the one infatuated, and the marriage partner or spouse will set to work mirroring the infatuated one back to themselves. This is a recipe for failed expectations, failed romance and hard work. All marriage is hard work with division of karmic responsibilities — to one another.

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Marriage Compatibility

Marriage is one of the most stressful events a person can undertake. It rates second to death of a beloved. This is because of the committment, pressures, sacrifices and changes – deep changes that marriage brings to a couple’s life. Before, when two were apart, they are now engaged in many things together. Astrology is a tool of prediction, it has precision, tolerances, remedies and guidance. So what does Marriage compatibility mean and how does Vedic Astrology help?

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