Transit of Rahu – Ketu in June 2014

Rahu and KetuRahu and Ketu are shadow planets – chaaya graha moving in opposite direction of the motion of the planets. Rahu and Ketu have no real substance but are the points where eclipses are experienced on Earth. The next eclipses of the Sun and Moon (Surya grahan, Chandra grahan) will be during April of 2014). In order to get an idea of the effect of Rahu and Ketu in their normal retrograde action … If you can imagine a flow of people going around an object in one direction, and then two persons pushing and bumping their way through against that flow travelling in the opposite direction, you may get a sense of the disruption and churning that Rahu-Ketu causes in life, not only collectively but also on an individual basis.

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Saturn aspects Mars in Sagittarius


Agastya Tamil Varudum Jaya – Agastya Solar Year Jaya, Year of Victory
Month – Purattaasi (Ashwin)
27, Purattaasi Masam, 1936 Shaka, Sri Jaya Year, Kaliyugam 5115
Day Monday 13 October 2014 at 2:17pm
Nakshatra (star, asterism) Moola, 1st Pada (part)
Transit of Lord Kuja (Mars) from Vrishickha (Scorpio) to Dhanista (Sagittarius)

Planet Saturn

From the 13 October, 2014, planet Mars will turn sandhi and will transit from the sign of Scorpio into Sagittarius. There will be world wide affects, due aspect of Saturn to Mars in Sagittarius. Agastya Nadi astrologer Sai Bharathi advises the impact of this transit below.

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