Mangal – Shani Aspects and Opposition Sept-Oct-Nov 2015


Mangal – Shani Aspects and Opposition Sept-Oct-Nov 2015


Puttaparthi Agastya Nadi Astrologer Sai Bharathi has provided several earlier predictions Mars transits with mutual aspect with Saturn. From late September to early November 2015, Mars and Saturn will be in mutual aspect, in fixed signs, creating challenges for all who live on this planet. Readers are advised to undertake puja and hommams and meditate as loka sevanam for the world with selfless love.


Manmantha nama samvatsara, Simha/Avani – Kanya/Purattasi, from 22 September until 5 November 2015

Mars will be transiting from Kartaka/Cancer to Simha/Leo sign. Both Mangal/Mars and Saneswaraya/Saturn will be in mutual aspect by graha drishti – special sight. Mars aspects 4 houses from its location, and aspects Saturn in Vrishikha/Scorpio. Saturn has aspects 10 houses from its location, hence Saturn aspects Mars from Scorpio to Leo. This is called mutual aspect and graha yuddha, planetary war.

Planet Mars is of pitta nature (fire), in a fire sign (Leo) until 5 November. Mars is Lord of Vrishika-Scorpio where Saturn is currently in transit of Anurada nakshatra for the next 12 months. Saturn has recently left retrograde and gone direct. While Mars is in a fire sign, Saturn is in a water sign. By teaching of vedam, there is fire element in water. Therefore, we may expect fire disaster.

Saturn cannot escape the drishti – glance of Mars and so full aspect will be received. On account of these aspects in fixed signs, there will be many problems in the world. There will be natural disaster (fires – look to Indonesia and forest fires which are causing pollution and haze in Singapore, Malaysia) accidents related to fire, wars are possible and aircraft acccidents. Air flights may be cancelled, or have accidents and fires in engines. Mundane astrology has Scorpio house of secrets, revolution against government. Due Mars aspect, this may happen in the South West, South East and Middle East nations.

Intensity of Planetary War – Graha Yuddha

The intensity of the Saturn Mars mutual aspect from late September throught early November 2015 will have personal challenges for all natives (persons). There will be lack of tolerance and increased conflict, anger, fires, earthquakes. Meditation and flow of compassion is required of all of us. Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba is karuna sagari, the ocean of compassion within. We need to undertake prayer and dhyana as loka sevanam and offer puja, hommams for world peace. More important, as none escape mutual drishti of Mangal-Sani (Mars – Saturn) it is important to maintain peace within. Hamsa Gayatri – So Ham meditation on breath will be very helpful in creating inner environment of peace and calm. Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba teaches iti drishti iti – the seen reflects the seer. If we are peaceful and calm, we will be doing seva in creating a peaceful world. Sun in Leo

The Sun (Surya) is a fire planet and Leo is a fire sign, it is pitta in nature and a fixed sign. While Venus is transiting Leo, we take care of our digestion (Jupiter is in Leo at present and among other significations, Jupiter has a large appetite); we must take care of circulation and keep in mind that blood actually boils when we get angry. It is a scientific fact that hamsters can live with O Positive human blood, and if you take the blood of an angry person and give it to a hamster in a transfusion, the hamster will be dead in 24 hours. Energy and thought forms inhabit our blood, so take care that the driving ego does not contaminate desire and turn us to negative, fire emotions when desire is unfulfilled.

Sun in Virgo

Sun (Lord Surya) in Kanya will be conjunct Rahu, North Node of the Moon. Sun – Lord Surya and Rahu, North Node of the Moon are enemies. Sun gives light of day. Rahu gives smoke, obscures, hides important things, truth and trust not always at hand. Rahu may have illicit negotiations occurring in the background causing betrayal, abrupt changes of situations.

There may be breaking of taboo, going against dharma, correct behaviour, righteousness in the public domain. Culturally prohibted events, behaviour, situations which would normally come to the light of day under influence of Surya, Sun. However, Sun becomes debilitated mid October.

Sun moves into Libra, October 18

The Sun moves into its sign of debilitation on October 18. Libra – an air sign – is ruled by Venus, which is a water-type planet. Transactions, international meetings, trade agreements and thoughts may move quickly in the wrong direction in an air sign, effort is needed to maintain positive feelings energy in all situations requiring negotiation. Mars aspecting Saturn has influence here. Jyothisha tells of the “arms” of Saturn, who throws energy to signs each side of his location, so Mangal-Sani graha yuddha (war between Mars and Saturn) will be felt by the Sun in debilitation.

We may expect very intense situation as both Sun and Moon will be papa ketari, hemmed in between malefics and not relief until Moon moves to Dhanus – Saggitarius and receives aspect of Jupiter.


We are not blind victims to the planets nor are we led like lemmings to rush over the edge of the cliff into the oceans of death and destruction. The planets are amsa of the Kala Purusha, and do their duty. Brahma is Creator, with rajo guna; the planets unfold maya by reflecting and refracting light within the mind, the body, the senses. The effect of planets is largely how we utilise them; they may drag us down, they may pull us up. Signs are movable, fixed and mutable, and planets may be approached prayer, tapasya, puja and homams. We may appease, we may divert, we may alleviate the seriousness of these predictions with sacrifice, sacred offering, duty, devotion and discipline. One may do loka sevanam, service for the welfare of the World. Sri Sathya Sai Baba undertook loka sevanam on many occasions and graciously allowed devotees to participate. One may always undertake service for the welfare of the world, indeed, all the worlds: Samasta Loka Sukhino Bhavantu.

Recommendation is to do Rudra Hommam and Subramanya puja. All are advised to undertake WORLD PEACE PRAYERS: Archana and Rudram, (prayers), Abhishekam (pouring of libations amidst chanting of mantras), Homam (ritual offerings to fire), Sankalpam (sacred resolutions and intentions), and Puja (offerings).

Thanks and Best Regards,
Sai Bharathi
Agasthya Astrologer


Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthy, Loka Natha

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