Loka Seva – Service for the Welfare of the World

Puttaparthi Agastya Astrologer Sai Bharathi frequently gives information gleaned from reading of Agastya naadi leaves and prepares antidotes for the calamities indicated to come. These antidotes take sacred form of loka-sevanam.


Pujas in Thirunarayur and Thirunellar temple in Kumbakonam last two years.

Puttaparthi Agastya Astrologer Sai Bharathi gives frequent notice of conducting homams, puja, prayers and archanam for loka-sevanam, the welfare of the world.



Prayers are chanted to specific deities to ward off calamity. Whereas brahmins, pujari and purohits know prayers by memory and rote, some prayers specified by agastya nadi leaves have to be printed and made available:



Rahotsavam is taking the deity in procession, surrounded by prayer, chanting and sacred mantras. It is a special form of devotional activity which both celebrates the presence of the deity and allows many to participate. Here, Sai Bharati leads the rahotsavam chariot.



Commencement of sacred ceremonies can require a cow and calf to be present to be fed and/or to receive sacred offerings.



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