2018 Mahalaya Amavasya


25 September 2018 – 9 October 2018

rameswaramtyempleMahalaya Paksha (15 days of Ancestral Poojas) is the most critical time of the year for you to perform Tarpanam for your ancestors. This fortnight window is a time you can seek help from your ancestors to dissolve the karma affecting all aspects of your present life, including your health, wealth, career and relationships. Participate in 15-Day Mahalaya Fortnight ancestral Poojas to receive ultimate blessings and gifts from your ancestors. This year, dates for Mahalaya Amavasya are 25 September 2018 – 9 October 2018.


According to ancient Hindu texts, on Mahalaya Amavasya, there is a conjunction of the sun and the moon and that the sun enters the sign Virgo (Kanya). On this day, it is believed that ancestors leave their abode and come down to the world of mortals and occupy the houses of their descendants. Hindus offer oblation of water to the departed on every new-moon day. The prescribed rites are also performed every year on the death anniversary. This is the Sraddha ceremony. The special importance of these observances particularly during Mahalaya is that such ceremonies done during this fortnight have a very special effect. The offerings reach the departed souls immediately and directly, due to a boon from Lord Yama.

Your Ancestors will stay with you during the two week period known as Mahalaya Paksha. This important period is looked even by enlightened yogis and rishis to receive the blessings from their own ancestors. Ancestors have a great impact in our life and they govern our destiny.

Significance of Donating Food and Clothing

The easiest way to access God’s grace is to feed a person who is starving for food and to donate clothes. Donating food is considered to be the greatest charity of all the charities. When you donate food and clothing to those in need, it elevates your soul.

Charity in the form of food is important during this observance. Life depends upon food. You cannot preach religion to empty stomachs. This human body is the most important vehicle for realising God. How precious must food be which keeps the body fit for Yoga! The gift of food is the greatest gift. Therefore, give food in plenty, not only during the Mahalaya fortnight but all through the year.

From 25th September to 8th October: Mahalaya Ammavasai and Tarpanam

Ammavasai 8th September 2018 at 11.21 am on Monday until 9th October 2018.
New Moon is 9.48 am Tuesday 9 October: Tarpana puja will be done at Agni Theertham in Rameswaram, Thriveni Sangamam in Bhavani and Kannyakumari and various holy spots on the banks of Cauvery River.

Tarpana (water ritual): Gods, sages and manes are invoked in water and satisfied with emancipation given to them. To summarise, a regular practice of this ritual increases the release of various karmic predispositions and weaknesses that are blocking one’s spiritual and material progress.

This year, Mahalaya Patsam from September 25 to Amavasya on 9 October. If you wish to participate then please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Send Email stating your wish to participate in Mahalaya Amavasya Tarpanam with Archana (prayers), Abhishekam (pouring of libations amidst chanting of mantras), Homam (ritual offerings to fire), Sankalpam (sacred resolutions and intentions), and Puja (offerings). YOU MUST WRITE YOUR NAME, MOON SIGN AND SUN SIGN.

Step 2: Make Payment via Paypal using the link below:

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