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On 29th October 2019 early morning, Planet Jupiter – Guru will be transiting from Jyestha nakshatra to Moolam nakshatra first pada, leaving Scorpio and transiting to Sagittarius. Effects of this transit will be different for Moon signs.

On this auspicious occasion Archana, Homam, Abishekam, Japam [16,000 times for Guru Bhagawan] along with Sankalpam and Pujas will be undertaken at Thiruchendra Sentil Velavan Temple, Thuthukudu district, Tamil Nadu, on 29 October 2019.

Thiruchendra Temple

Thiruchendur Murugan temple is known as the second Arupadai Veedu of Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga won the battle with the asura, Surapadma and worshipped Lord Shiva in this sacred place. The temple is situated along the shores of the Bay of Bengal.

Normally, the Raja Gopuram will be in the eastern side of temples in Tamil Nadu. But in Thiruchendur alone the Raja Gopuram is in the western side. It is said that the Raja Gopuram was not erected on the eastern side since the sea is very close in the eastern side.

Mela Gopuram has nine storeys and it is about 137 feet high above Yalimattam, 90 feet long north to south and 65 feet broad east to west. At the top of the Gopuram the width is 20 feet and the length is 49 feet. To indicate that the Gopuram consists of 9 storeys there are nine Kalasams (sacred copper pots) at the top of the Gopuram.


 Thiruchendra Temple

Guru Bhagavan:

One year has passed, planet Guru – Jupiter has been resident in Scorpio Sign, and retrograde for some time. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, who is friendly towards Jupiter, just as Jupiter is friends with Mars. Scorpio is a deep sign, filled with mystery, secret depths and healing from the unconscious, so friendly sign for Jupiter to transit. This is a good place for healing life’s hurts and past life carry-foward vasanas and samkars. Effect is due the location of Mars and drishti of Mars.

Transit to Dhanus – Saggitarius can see expansion of faith, philosophy, deeper reflections on great truths and expansion of personal development. This is a most friendly sign for Jupiter to be transiting, will build much enthusiasm for beliefs, religious practices, building faith in areas of the culture and society.

Sri Brahaspathi Stotram

(Prayer to Jupiter)
Translated by P.R.Ramachander

Gurur brahaspathir jeeva suracharyo vidham vara,
Vageeso dhishino deerga samasru peethambaro yuva.

Teacher, Lord of prayer of beings, Teacher of demi gods,
Greatest among the mighty, Lord of words, preceptor,
One having a long beard, he who is young and wears yellow silk.

Sudha drushtir, grahadheeso, graha peeda apaharaka,
Daya kara, soumya moorthi, surarchya, kudmala dhyuthi.

He whose sight is nectar like, Lord of all planets,
He who steals away the bad effects of all planets,
He who is merciful, he who is soft looking,
He who is the teacher of devas, he who looks like a bud,

Loka poojyo, loka guru, neethigno, neethi karaka,
Tharapathi schangeeraso veda vedya pithamaha.

He who is respected by all, the teacher of all,
He who is just, he who implements justice,
Lord of all stars; he who is the son of Angeerasa,
He who is worshipped by Vedas, grandfather.

Bhakthya brahaspathim smruthwa, namanyethani ya padeth,
Arogi, bhalavan sriman, puthravan sa bhaven nara.

He who remembers Brahaspathi with devotion and recites these names,
Would be free from disease, would be strong,
Would be wealthy, and would be blessed with several sons.

Jeevedvarsha satham marthya, papam nasyathi, nasyathi,
Ya poojayeth guru dhine peetha gandha akshathambarai.

He who worships him on Thursdays, with sandal, holy rice and silk,
Would live for one hundred years, and all his sins would be destroyed.

Pushpa dheepo upa haraischa poojayithwa Brhaspathim,
Brahmanan bhojayithwa cha peeda shanthir bhaved guro.

Guru would remove all problems and bless with peace,
Those who worship with light, flower and presents,
And serve food to Brahmins.

Sacred Offerings for Peyarchi – Transit

The following Moon Signs are benefited:

  • Aries
  • Gemini
  • Leo
  • Scorpio
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

The following Moon Signs are Unfavourable for this transit:

  • Taurus
  • Cancer
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn

Those with unfavourable results are advised to do special Puja like Homam, Sankalpam and Abhishekam to receive relief and good effects from Lord Jupiter. This is an essential time to undertake such sacred offerings so soon after Guru – Jupiter graha enters Dhanus – Sagittarius, ruled by Significant relief will be obtained by those who participate these archanams, pujas, hommams.

Guru Transit Puja at Thiruchendur temple

This Puja will be carried out on Tuesday, 29 October 2019.

Tiruchendar Sri Subramanya Swami
Tiruchendar Sri Subramanya Swami

Step 1: Send Email stating your wish to participate in Guru Peyarchi with Archana (prayers), Abhishekam (pouring of libations amidst chanting of mantras), Homam (ritual offerings to fire), Sankalpam (sacred resolutions and intentions), and Puja (offerings). YOU MUST WRITE YOUR NAME AND MOON SIGN.

Step 2: Make Payment via Paypal using the link below:

Thanks and Best Regards,
Sai Bharathi
Agasthya Astrologer


Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Varu
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Varu


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