2021 Aadi Amavasya Puja

Agniswarar Temple, KanjanurAadi Amavasya is the no moon day in the Tamil Month of Aadi (July-August). Aadi Amavasai is dedicated to dead ancestors, siblings, parents and other relatives. Aadi Amavasya 2021 date is Saturday 7th August 19:38 IST to Sunday 8th August at 19:28 IST. Special prayers, rituals and offerings are made on the day for departed souls to rest in peace.

Amavasya, or Amavasi, is the name of new moon night in Hindu religion. It is the first night of the first quarter of the lunar month. Since the moon is invisible on the day, Amavasya is also referred as no moon night. Amavasi holds great importance in Hinduism. Many Hindus choose this day to make offering (tarpanam) to the dead ancestors.

The term ‘Amavasya’ is commonly used in all regional languages in India. The fortnight that starts with Amavasya is also referred as the Shukla paksha (bright half of the month). Both Amavasya in Hindu Aadi month (July to August) and Mahalya Amavasya in Ashwayuja (September – October) are highly auspicious. Similarly the Amavasi in Aadi month is of great importance in Tamil Nadu. The Amavasya in Karkidakam month is of importance in Kerala.

On Aadi Amavasya, spirits are more willing and able to make a full crossing to the other worlds. They are especially satisfied and pleased when honored. When they cross over completely and successfully, they can bring you many blessings and significant improvement in your life. Take advantage of this time, Aadi Amavasya, the New Moon day when the Sun and the Moon in the star Pushya (ruled by Saturn) come together in Cancer making it an auspicious time for ancestral rituals, for bringing relief to your ancestors’ souls so you have better overall progress in life, and they have passed over completly to the loka of the ancestors.

2021 Pitr Tarpana Puja at Kanjanur Lord Agniswarar Temple

Agniswarar Temple, Kanjanur
Kanjanur Lord Agniswarar Temple is one Hindu temple in the village of Kanjanur, 18 kilometres north-east of Kumbakonam. The presiding deity is Sukra (Venus). However, the main idol in the temple is that of “Agniswarar” or Shiva. In concordance with the Saivite belief that Shiva is all-pervading, Sukra is believed to be located within the stomach of the idol of Shiva.

Legend is that Siva blessed Parasara muni (sage) here with cosmic dance. It is believed that Shiva appeared in the form of Sukra to propitiate himself off the dosha of Sukran. The temple is counted as one of the temples built on the northern banks of River Kaveri.


From 6:00am Sunday 08 August to 6PM Sunday 08 August tarpana puja will be conducted at Lord Agniswarar Temple at the times given. Those wishing to participate may send names of deceased to Sai Bharathi and make donation using paypal link below. (The supplier will appear on Paypal as Sai Bliss Centre).

Thanks and Best Regards,
Sai Bharathi
Agasthya Astrologer


Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Varu
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Varu



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