2022 Aadi Amavasya Puja

Cauvery RiverAadi Amavasya is the no moon day in the Tamil Month of Aadi (July-August). Aadi Amavasai is dedicated to deceased ancestors, siblings, parents and other relatives. Aadi Amavasya 2022 date is Wednesday 9:11 PM, July 27 IST to Thursday July 28, 11:24 PM, IST. Special prayers, rituals and offerings are made on the day for departed souls to rest in peace. Sai Bharathi will be offering pinda pradhanam, pitr tarpana and pujas on this occasion on the banks of the Cauvery River, Kanjanur.

Amavasya, or amavasi, is the name of new moon night in Hindu religion. It is the first night of the first quarter of the lunar month. Since the moon is invisible on the day, Amavasya is also referred as no moon night. Amavasi holds great importance in Hinduism. Many Hindus choose this day to make offering (tarpanam) to the deceased ancestors.

The term ‘Amavasya’ is commonly used in all regional languages in India. The fortnight that starts with Amavasya is also referred as the Shukla paksha (bright half of the month). Both Amavasya in Hindu Aadi month (July to August) and Mahalya Amavasya in Ashwayuja (September – October) are highly auspicious. Similarly the Amavasi in Aadi month is of great importance in Tamil Nadu. The Amavasya in Karkidakam month is of importance in Kerala.

On Aadi Amavasya, spirits are more willing and able to make a full crossing to the other worlds. They are especially satisfied and pleased when honored. When they cross over completely and successfully, they can bring you many blessings and significant improvement in your life. Take advantage of this time, Aadi Amavasya, the New Moon day when the Sun and the Moon in the star Poosam (Purnavarsu – ruled by Guru Bhagavan) come together in Cancer making it an auspicious time for ancestral rituals, for bringing relief to your ancestors’ souls; you have better overall progress in life; your ancestors have passed over completly to the loka of the ancestors.


Shraddha (spiritual effort, spiritual activities) and pitr tarpana (rituals for the deceased in one’s family – maternal and paternal) is considered highly beneficial for the people participating.




One important ritual of Hinduism is tarpana. Tarpana means “satisfying” or “satiating”. One acknowledges the debt one has to devas (gods), rishis (sages) and pitris (ancestral manes) and tries to satisfy them using this ritual. Just as gods are invoked in fire in a homam, pitris are invoked in water in this ritual, then held in the palm and released in a specific way conducive to freeing them.

One owes a lot to one’s parents and ancestors. In modern scientific terms, one owes all of one’s genetic characteristics to one’s parents and ancestors. Each ancestor is actually present in the person as a genetic characteristic. In karmic terms, one inherits some karmas of one’s parents and ancestors and each ancestor is actually present in the person as a karmic predisposition. The latter approach obviously extends to multiple lives and some karmic predisposition is inherited from the ancestors from a past life too, though they may not be related to one in this life.

By thinking of the deceased ancestors with gratitude and trying to give them an emancipation, one is actually trying to free oneself from various karmic predispositions that one has as a result of the runanubandh (karmic debt connection) with several people.

Sunrise on Aadi Amavasya is 06:00am. Agastya Naadi jyothisha (astrologer) Sai Bharathi will conduct Pinda Pradhanam and Tithi Puja from 06:00 to 13:00 (1 PM). Pinda Pradhanam is usually performed on the banks of one of the sacred rivers in India. Sai Bharathi will be taking up this shraddha on banks of Cauvery River, nearby Agniswarar Temple at Kanjanur.

Pinda Pradhanam made up of Cooked Rice (annam) with Cooked Vegetables and Black Seasame Seeds from prepared foods. Three perfect balls – PINDA – are made for
(i) Vasu Rupam
(ii) Rudra Rupam
(iii) Adhithya Rupam

Puja and tarpanam will be conducted from 4pm to 6pm on July 28 on banks of Cauvery River, nearby Agniswarar Temple at Kanjanur.

In Tamil Nadu, Hindus take a holy bath in one of the sacred water bodies. Shraddha and Tarpana are offered. There is a popular belief that on Aadi Amavasi day the souls of the dead visit to bless their relations on the Earth. The rituals and other pujas are performed on riverbanks or on seashores.

From 6:00am Thursday 28 July to 6PM Thursday 28 July Pinda Pradhanam and tarpana puja will be conducted at on banks of the Cavery River at the times given. Those wishing to participate may send names of deceased to Sai Bharathi and make donation using paypal link below. (The supplier will appear on Paypal as Sai Bliss Centre).

Thanks and Best Regards,
Sai Bharathi
Agasthya Astrologer


Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Varu
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Varu



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