World Message and Prediction about Coronavirus

40th Parallel and coronavirus


World Peace Prediction 2020
6 April 2020

The world experienced less of peace on 25 December 2019, when Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon and Ketu joined in Sagittarius, all aspected by Rahu in Gemini (vata sign, signifies lungs). Virus escaped from wet markets in Wuhan China; it has had its worst effect on 40° parallel.

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Puja for World Peace, December 12, 2016

hands for world peace
Human life lives in chaotic times with many fearful of their personal future. There is also concern with the future of nations and the chaotic environment on Earth, with placements of planets and exchange of Lordships: Mars and Saturn. Saturn is with Sun – normally a situation of discipline and self-respect. With parivarthana (exchange of Lordship) and drishti (aspect) of Saturn to Mars, can place many – including executive leadership – in jeopardy. We offer one puja for world peace, for all: loka seva for all beings in all the worlds. This puja for world peace will take place at Tiruchendra Subramanya Temple on 12 December 2016. All are welcome to participate.

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