Marriage, Health and Children

Good health is needed in marriage for many reasons, not the least that — in the West — marriage can be an enduring marathon of stress if the partners are not matched on all important counts. For good health, a strong lagna and lagna lord is needed. There should be strong benefics in kendra and trikona houses. Malefics in houses 3-6-11 reveal inherent resistance to disease.


Marriage ought to be a sanctuary of mutual understanding and emotional support for two spiritually independent individuals. What is required for intimate relationships is emotional compatibility and equivalent expectations. The worst test of the viability of the marriage bond occurs when emotional reactions conflict and when expectations are disappointed. Therefore it is essential for these two elements of personality and culture to be effectively matched, in order that there be emotional health in a marriage in each partner. This is because marriage has to face many challenges.

All marriages and families experience periods of crisis. Children must be fed, clothed and educated. Illness, accidents, wealth and its lack, hospitalisation of anyone in the family, travel, and handling challenges presented by other members of family are common to marriages. In order to cope, there should be good health on the part of the husband and wife. In many countries, is it proper to undertake a full medical examination before marriage.

Marriage is the joining together or bringing together of a man and a woman for the sake of progeny.

The Fifth house indicates children, grandfather, intelligence, emotions and fame.

Jupiter (offspring) is examined to pinpoint any concerns related to fertility, conception, child birth or adoption. In addition, there is a need to look to the fifth house, the Lord of the fifth house, and aspects on this house in order to understand indications about starting and raising a family. For example, If the fifth house has beneficial associations or aspects, there will be children.

Other considerations include looking to the Lord of the Lagna in the fifth and the fifth lord strong, or exchange of houses between first and fifth lords, then this also favours the birth of children. If Jupiter, as lord of the fifth, is strong and aspected by lord of Lagna, one gets many issues.



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