Solar New Year 2014 and Loka Sevanam


Tamil Agastya New Year (28) Jaya Varudam 2014 – 2015:

Charana Kamala, the Lotus Feet

Om Sri Sai Ram Beloveds,

On 14th April 2014 the Tamil New Year named Jaya Varudam (Year of Victory) will commence when the Sun – Planet Surya – enters in the first degree in Aries. This is the 28th year in the 60 year cycle of Jupiter – Brihaspati, as foretold by Agastya. On Monday 14 April 2014, the Moon will be in Kanya (Virgo) in 2nd pada (part or step of) Hasta nakshatra. The Moon rules this nakshatra which seeks Moksha. The symbol of Hasta is a hand. The deity of this nakshatra (star, asterism) is Savitar, the Sun God who imparts creative and transforming energy. The power of Savitar is to manifest what we are seeking and place it in our hands; hence the symbol of hand for Hasta.

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