Astrology and Professions

Sathya Sai on Professions

You should possess both the individual and national character in order to rule the country. This is Godliness. In every action of ours, we should strike a balance between these two characters. We should judge whether these two characters are conflicting. You should tread a path such that these two characters do not conflict with each other. Many great people have sacrificed their lives in order to establish peace and prosperity in their countries. Even today such people exist in a few numbers. This is not national character. If you possess national character as well as individual character, you will succeed in business, profession or job. Even if you lose everything, you should firmly stick on to your character and ideals. Sathya Sai Baba, Man Management

Work is worship, duty is God! This is the constant teaching given by Sai Baba. Through work filled with right conduct – dharma – one may progress towards worship that the self-same divinity is present within all. Through such worship you are fill with wisdom.

Work, Worship, Wisdom; raw fruit, mature fruit, juice-filled fruit: this is the order of spiritual progress of each individual. To this end, the services of astrology may be utilised in order that one discovers innate qualities which may be developed further so that one may be of service to humanity in this lifetime and thus, attain the goal of life.

Indications of Planets and Professions


The sign Virgo is said to be the hospital of the Zodiac and the sign of Scorpio indicates medicines and chemicals. The Sun or Mercury in Virgo or Scorpio receiving beneficial aspect form Jupiter makes one a good physician. Other patterns are: The Sun and Mars in the 10th house make one a good surgeon, the Sun, Venus and Jupiter a gynaecologist; the Sun and Saturn, a dentist.

Priests, judges and physicians often either have Sagittarius or Pisces rising or else Jupiter angular or several planets in these signs. Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio make good surgeons as the Scorpio gives boldness, destroys fear and keeps the nerves strong and active.


The fifth house is the house of music and the 2nd is for vocal and 3rd represents instrumental music. Venus is the giver for all pleasures including music. So Venus and the Moon in the 2nd, 3rd and 5th or in the voice signs make one a good Musician. The Sun in Sagittarius gives tastes for music. The Air Signs viz. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are also known as musical or voice signs. Mars, Saturn and Venus in voice signs show tastes for tabla or mridangam. If Venus is in the 4th, the person becomes proficient in music.

Religious Field

Saturn plays a great part in making religious prophets. Saturn in the 10th house receiving aspect either from Jupiter or the Moon makes one a religious leader. Other patterns are: Saturn, the Sun and Mercury in the 5th, Jupiter in
the 5th. This makes one learned in Vedas and Vedangas; If Saturn, Mercury and the Sun are in the 5th, the person becomes well-versed in philosophical knowledge.

A seeker will find in Gautama Buddha, Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Rama Krishna, Vivekananda’s horoscopes, Saturn posited in their 10th house receiving beneficial aspect either from Jupiter or the Moon. This position of Saturn made them world famous.


Jupiter conjoined with Mercury or Jupiter in good aspect to Mercury makes the person take up educational and intellectual pursuits. Mars in good aspect to Mercury or Mars conjoined with Mercury in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius gives ready wit and fluent speech, making a good debater, apt at argument and retort. Mercury in angular house i.e. especially in the first, seventh or tenth house gives superb oratorical powers and ability for public speaking.

Alone, Jupiter cannot give intellect, but if conjoined with Mercury, it may vivify and fertilise almost any of the higher regions of the mind, oratorical and imaginative powers, poetic and philosophical powers that expand the horizon of the mind. When afflicted by Mars, the religious side of its influence is largely spoilt.

In the region of intellect, Jupiter when in good aspect to the mental ruling planets generally gives much openness of mind, broad outlook, common sense, tact, persuasiveness and sound judgement, The mind becomes plastic, receptive fertile and sensitive. These are the essential requisites for a good teacher and professor.

In General

The nature of Saturn is to put obstruction, hindrance in the way of passing any examination, to delay it and even to deny success in it. Saturn delays, retards and hinders for no other purpose than that perfection shall be reached by all things and all men. Saturn concentrates and purifies until all impurities are vanished.

Mars has a nature similar to that of Saturn in putting obstacles and in causing delay in matters of education. But Rahu does not do much harm so far as education is concerned. It helps one in getting higher education. Again Mars is not always deleterious. Without Martial influence, there would be no courage, energy, endurance, push and go ahead spirit.

Favourable Mars gives success in examination, confers favours or scholarships from the Government. It is only when Mars is weak or is afflicted, that he causes troubles. Rahu in the 3-4-7-10th houses is auspicious for education. The Sun in the 3-4-10th house is most auspicious for education, as well as for acquiring top positions in life. Mercury in the 1-7-10th house un-affilicted by Saturn promises success in educational field. The intelligence becomes well developed and the mental ability good enough for higher education, if Mercury is un-afflicted. So, Mercury is the chief planet which controls general education and Jupiter is the planet that controls almost all the higher forms of education, professional, collegiate or professorial.


Every human being wants to live happily with good family life, good children, good Academic education, Profession, good Health, Wealth, etc. All this is achieved as per everyone’s karma and depends upon the planetary position at the Individual at the time of his birth. For getting name and fame, Jupiter’s beneficial aspect to the 3rd, 4th or 9th is essential.

Nobody can avoid Prarabdha karma; it is the karma selected to be consumed, expended in the current lifetime. But nobody need be afraid for any sort of evil effects if he is under the divine grace and divine protection of Lord Sathya Sai Baba. All evil is counteracted by the cosmic power of Lord Sathya Sai Baba.


Lord Sai Baba, the Purusha incarnate, doing Narayana Seva, feeding of the Poor
Lord Sai Baba, the Purusha incarnate, doing Narayana Seva, feeding of the Poor


Astrology and Your Profession

Astrology indicates predispositions for work and duty and where a person may make propitiation to planets in order to overcome workplace and employment difficulties, and to what levelone might rise in one’s profession during the lifetime. If you wish to take up remedies and make proper propitiation of the planets and pursue ud-yoga, (work that is worship), seek an astrological reading with the Puttaparthi Vedic Astrologer, Sai Bharathi. You may seek one reading here and make payment thought Paypal.

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