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Reflections on Medical Astrology

According to the Vedas the life span of a man is hundred years. As age advances inevitable degeneration of all parts of the body mechanism occurs. Medicines only give one temporary relief. The number of elderly persons in our population is on the increase perhaps because of the advances in medical technology. This progress not withstanding, one has to grow old. There is no escape from it.

Respiratory System

(Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the atmosphere and the body cells.)

The heart is under the control of several planets. The most important planets involved are Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury. During old age respiratory movements are usually affected and get damaged even at slight exertion.

Many medical conditions emerge in old age. Pulmonary tuberculosis has now been brought under control. Chronic bronchitis is still taking away many lives. Chronic bronchitis kills more old people than pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia etc. This is more common in males than in females.


The Planets responsible for anaemia are Mars, Sun, Ketu. Anaemia is caused by the absence or deficiency of nutrient substances, and also by malignancy, infections, endocrine disorders, renal diseases, hidden bleeding, iron deficiency etc. The symptoms are pale skin, loss of appetite, low energy, shortness of breath, palpitation of the heart and general weakness. Anaemia presents an every day problem in Geriatric medicine.

The Skin

The Planets that affect one’s birth star are Venus and Ketu. In old age the skin loses its natural tautness and the glossiness of youth. As age advances well marked wrinkles on the face, forehead and crows foot on the lateral side of the eyes make their appearance. There is also increased pigmentation on different regions of the body so that the complexion becomes darker. The outer skin has two layers. One a dead layer and the other is growing layer.

Astrologically the Moon controls the stomach, the Sun controls the gastric glands. Mercury controls the abdominal nerves, Mars controls the abdominal muscles, Jupiter controls the liver and Venus controls the glands.

Old people generally have less digestive capacity due to loss of digestive enzymes. The tone and normal contraction of the gastrointestinal tract are weakened and complete evacuation of the bowels is not made by one attempt. Repeated attempts may be required for this. A common and fatal disease is gastric ulcer, which may give rise to haemorrhage or perforation with subsequent peritonitis. Duodenal ulcers are also encountered frequently in the later sixties. Cirrhosis of liver is not unusual. Cholecystitis may also be a lethal condition. Pancreatitis is not unknown as a cause of death.

Excretory System

(Removal of all harmful and unwanted products)

Two planets Mars and Venus generally govern the kidneys and the urinary system.

In old age kidneys become weak and formation of urine is somewhat loss. Frequency of micturation in women especially at night may be due to hypersensitiveness of the urinary bladder. Prostrate enlargement may be the cause in the case of males. Inability to withhold the flow of urine is a sign of bladder trouble. Bladder trouble is usually indicated by abnormalities in passing urine like frequency, urgency and pain.

Muscular System

Astrologically Mercury controls the nervous system, Saturn influences the nervous system. Mars governs the muscles.

Due to loss of weight the efficiency of the skeletal muscles gradually diminishes after 45 years. That is the reason why athletes and sportsmen voluntarily, and men in active military service compulsorily retire when they near the age of 45.

The efficiency of the voluntary as well as other involuntary muscles also is gradually diminished as age advances. Muscles are the flesh of the body and their particular function is to move themselves and also other parts of the body. Each muscle is a separate organ, controlled by a special nerve or set of nerves that connect it with the spinal cord and the brain. No muscle acts alone.

Sense Organs

The Planets governing tile sense organs are Mercury and Moon. The aging eye normally loses its power of vision and shows increased density, dehydration, loss of fat, diminished elasticity and sclerosis of the lens. The muscles of accommodation are weakened. The older people suffer from partial deafness or loss of hearing. Saturn governs the ear.

Endocrine System

All bodily activities are controlled and regulated by the endocrine or ductless glands, which effect the activity, growth and development of tissues in strange ways. So old people cannot easily overcome the stress and strain of diseases or the adverse turmoil of daily life. They incur diseases like backache pain in the shoulders. Mars planet rules the endocrine glands.

Bones and Teeth

In old age bones become weak and brittle due to an increase
inorganic salts and the cartilages also become more rigid. The teeth become weak in old age due to various reasons. Saturn governs both bones and teeth. Saturn also controls the last part of man’s life.

Nervous System

Mercury and Saturn govern the body’s nervous system. In old age everyone suffers from nervous disorders, sleeplessness, restlessness and agitation at night.

Mental Activity

In old age mental condition remains perfect although other parts of the body may show signs of deterioration slowly and gradually as age advances. Brain cells are found to be healthy and stable. Most of the political leaders are practically old men, but they are quite fit and active even up to a ripe old age. It will be seen that many great men had completed their best and outstanding work after attaining a ripe old age. Moon governs the tides of oceans and minds of men

The Sun is the source of energy and for all the metabolic activities of living beings as well as plants. When such is the case naturally when eclipse occurs we are cut off from his life-giving rays, and consequently our metabolic activity is dulled. And in such a state when the whole terrestrial phenomenon has undergone vast changes, our digestion will be impertect, And hence the advice not to eat anything during an eclipse.

Inflammation of Gall Bladder

Gallstones are found in many old people who have never had any symptoms of their presence. It is a very common disorder in later life. There may be upper abdominal discomfort with loss of appetite, nausea and a feeling of fullness and may be rigidity of the upper abdomen with fever and leucocytosis (rise in white blood cells). The Planets Mars, Mercury and Saturn govern this disease.


(Aging – The process of growing old)

Saturn has been considered as the planet of old age and its influence tends to calcify the tissues and weaken the organs. The 4th house and its influence to a certain extent by the 12th house indicate old age and the conditions surrounding the person during his final years.

There are seven ages in men and Saturn governs the last days as he karaka of the 8th house. Lord Yama, God of Death and Lord of Dharma, is his brother.

Mars, Saturn and Mercury are the chief indices of the physical body.

Indiations from debilitated, weak or malefic placement of planets

  • SUN causes ill health, blindness, heart disease, fracture of bones, palpitation of heart, etc.
  • MOON causes hysteria, fits, insanity melancholy menstrual disorders, poisoning of blood, etc.
  • MARS if strong but afflicted causes blood pressure, apoplexy, accidents, skin diseases, inflammation of inner organs. A weak and afflicted Mars causes low blood pressure, anaemia, tumors, boils, ulcer, diseases of marrow, etc.
  • MERCURY causes nervous breakdown, nerves diseases, epilepsy, paralysis, fever, ulcers, defect in digestive organs, etc.
  • VENUS causes venereal disease, diabetes, urine trouble, and disorders of genitalia loss of lustre in the body, eye troubles, etc.
  • JUPITER causes troubles related to spleen, liver, kidney, diseases from thirst, ear trouble, etc.
  • SATURN causes troubles related to bone, loss of limbs, skin diseases, mental trouble, rheumatic diseases, pain etc.
  • RAHU causes breathing difficulties, leprosy, ulcer, diseases brought on by poisoning.
  • KETU causes pain in the body, diseases from hunger and poison and all long and lingering diseases and also those that arise from unknown causes.

Your Health, Your Astrology

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