Pancha Bhoota Puja for World Catastrophe


Saturn – Mars troubles, 28 October – 17 December 2018


Puttaparthi Agastya Nadi Astrologer Sai Bharathi has provided several earlier predictions about Saturn transits with aspect with Mars. From late October to mid-December 2018, Saturn will be aspecting Mars, creating catastrophe for many places on this planet. Readers are advised to undertake puja and hommams and meditate as loka sevanam for the world with selfless love. A special puja for the five elements is being organised at a temple.

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The Avatar Keeps his Promise

The Avatar Keeps His Promise
by VivekAnanda Naicker

For the better part of some twenty-five years, I had known of a Vedic astrological prediction that I would die in mid-December, 2012. A priest I had consulted at the time had given me the date after poring through the ancient Vedic almanac called the Panchangam. Years later, an old sage famous far beyond the confines of his remote Tamil Nadu village for his gift of prophesy quite independently confirmed that date.

Because I do not believe that anyone ever dies, I took the prediction as well as the confirmation in my stride. We are eternal spirit and so-called death is merely the casting off of the mortal body; the soul – atman – within is eternal and deathless. Resigned to the thought of leaving this existence at the ripe age of 73, I thought no more of the prediction over the years until September, 2002.

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Sai Bharathi in Durban, South Africa

Sai Bharathi in Durban

Puttaparthi Agastya Astrologer Sai Bharathi recently visited South Africa, from 15 May to 10 June, 2014. This photo shows Agastya astrologer Sai Bharathi being interviewed on Hinduvani Radio, Durban, on 4 June 2014.

Renowned astrologer Sai Bharathi, seen in the photographs, has just returned from a triumphant trip to South Africa. This is his second visit there this year. Due to the success of his first tour when he counselled people through his astrological readings of their Vedic charts he found himself to be so much in demand that to assist people he returned as quickly as his work commitments at home, in the sacred town of Puttaparthi in South India, allowed him to.

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