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Naganathaswami Temple at Thirunageswaram



On Wednesday, 1 May 2024, – Tamil month Chithirai 18th – at 05:21pm IST in the nakshatra of Krittika pada 2 Guru Bhagavan – Brihaspathi (Jupiter) will transit from Aries (Mezham) to Taurus (Rishabam) in Dhanistha nakshata pada 3. Puttaparthi Agastya Astrologer Sai Bharathi will be conducting puja, hommams and libations on 1st May 2024 on sravanam nakshatra day of Eternal Success. All interested may participate.

Lord Siva Temple Naganathaswami Thirunageswaram

Sri Naganathaswamy Temple or Rahu Sthalam is one of the 9 Navagraha temples located near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu and is dedicated to Rahu. It is one of the 127 temples on the southern banks of river Cauvery and also one of the Panchakrosa Sthalas.

The Presiding Deity is Lord Naganathaswamy. There are two Shrines for the Goddess; Piraiyanivanudalumai’s Shrine is adjacent to Naganathaswamy’s shrine and GiriGujambika with Lakshmi and Saraswathy by her side.

A unique feature of Sri Naganathaswamy Temple is that Rahu Bhagavan is seen with human face. Usually in other places, Rahu Bhagavan is seen with a serpent face. Here Rahu Bhagavan is present with his two consorts Nagavalli and Nagakanni. Here Lord Shiva was worshipped by Rahu and got relieved of a curse.

Another feature of this temple is that during milk abhishekam, the milk when poured over the idol, turns blue which is clearly visible.


This temple was built by Aditya chola 1 in the 10th century AD. Later on this temple was modified by the Nayak kings, they added many pillared halls to this temple. Govinda Dikshitar who was a minister of the Nayak rulers constructed the hall in the late 15th century.

The Ganapathy shrine at the east entrance was constructed by a great sage called sadasiva Brahmendra. He also placed the Ganpathi yantra, the proof of which can be seen in the inscription on the temple.

This temple is categorized as Padal Petra Sthalam because of being mentioned in the Saivite canonical work Tevaram by Nyanmars of 7th century.

Religious Significance of this Temple

Being a Navagraha Sthala and a Paadal Petra Sthalam, this temple holds great religious importance in the Hindu philosophy. The temple is known to be the place where rahu was relieved from his curses by the grace of Bhagwan Shiva as Naganathar. Many more sages and kings are said to have earned their relief by offering prayers at this temple.

Many serpents, including Adishesha, Takshaka and Karkotaka, worshipped Shiva at this place, leading to the name “Tirunageswaram”.

It is believed that the king of snakes, Adisesha did penance at this place, called Senbaranya Kshetram on account of the presence of large number of Senbaga trees. Shiva was pleased by the penance and appeared to him. Since Shiva gave a boon to the king of Serpents, he is called Naganathar.

A Goddess Girigujambal is believed to be worshipping Shiva here with goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Ganesha, Muruga, and Shasta. Maha Bhairava is still believed to be guarding and assisting the divine mother during her prayers. The Goddess is said to be Swayambu as she is present in the form of Meru. Hence, no abhishekam is performed for the image.


Naganathaswami Temple at Thirunageswaram
Naganathaswami Temple at Thirunageswaram


About Lord Brihaspati – Jupiter

Jupiter is known in Vedic Astrology as Guru or Lord Brihaspati, the teacher and Guru of the Gods, and devas. Once, Jupiter took the form of Mercury, and taught the asuras (demonic people) for ten years. Those who worship Jupiter regularly and sincerely lose their worldly miseries and achieve all their cherished, sacred desires. Jupiter as Guru functions as a guru and removes the darkness within. (This is why it is good to approach Jupiter in his name and form of Guru or Brihaspati in prayer, chant and mantra for Lord Brihaspathi is merciful and his wisdom is profound.)

Jupiter is watery in constitution (kapha), wears yellow clothes and yellow flowers; his gem is yellow sapphire. As he is a Brahmin, Jupiter knows all the Vedas and is expert in all forms of knowledge. As guru, Jupiter has the highest forms of knowledge, philosophy and spirituality (sujnana) and teaches the sacred paths.

Jupiter is Lord of the body’s fat, of the northeast, rules Thursdays, and the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is known as the Lord of Worship and as the Guru. He is called Teacher of the Immortals, the Soul, the Advisor, the Lord of Speech, the Golden, the Creator (he is but another form of Brahma) the Compassionate, remover of oppression and the Peaceable. As Guru, one honours one’s own guru by honouring this planet, Jupiter.

If Jupiter is exalted, a man or woman becomes scholarly, learned, specialist in languages, pious and noble. If Jupiter is malefic, a man or woman becomes a poor beggar, reduced to utter poverty.

He grants knowledge of Yoga, Astrology, Vaastu, science and mathematics, and is the giver of wisdom which overcomes obstacles. Jupiter as guru guides us in following dharma (the path of righteousness within and without) for dharma is the basis of the Universe itself. Jupiter indicates such domains of principle as law, religion and philosophy. He is the planet of intelligence.

The Armour of Brihaspati – Jupiter

(Jupiter – Brihaspati is a great benefic, but it causes a lot of problems when it moves to some of the houses, especially first, third, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth and twelfth from the Moon. It stays in each house for one year. This Kavacha should be read on all Thursdays during that period to get rid of the problems. Persons who have Jupiter in the unfavourable houses (below) should contact the undersigned below in order to participate in rituals and offerings designed to alleviate and remove such afflictions.)

Sri Ganesaya Namaha
(Salutations to Lord Ganesha)

Asya sri Brahaspathi Kavacha maha manthrasya Easwara rishi,
For the great chant of Armour to Jupiter the sage is Easwara

Anushtup Chanda
The meter is anushtup

Gurur devatha
The God is Brihaspati

Gam Bheejam
The root is “Gam”

Sri Shakthi
The power is “Goddess Lakshmi”

Kleem keelakam
The nail is “Kleem”

Guru preethyrarthe Jape Viniyoga
The chant is being done to please Guru

Abheeshta phaladham sarvajnam sura poojitham,
Aksha maladharam shantham pranamami bruhaspatheem.

I salute sage Brihaspati,
Who fulfils our wishes,
Who knows everything,
Who is worshipped by all devas,
Who wears the garland of beads,
And who is peaceful.

Brihaspathi sira pathu, lalatam pathu may guru,
Karnou sura guru , nethre may abheeshta dayaka.

Let Brihaspati protect my head,
Let Guru (teacher) protect my forehead,
Let my ears be protected by teacher of devas,
And let my eyes be protected by he who fulfils wishes.

Jihwam pathu suracharya, nasaam may Veda Paraga,
Mukham may pathu sarvagna, kantam may devatha guru.

Let the teacher of devas protect my tongue,
Let my nose be protected by the expert in Vedas,
Let the all knowing one protect my face,
And let my neck be protected by teacher of devas.

Bhujavangeerasa pathu, karou pathu shubha prada,
Sthanou may pathu vageesa, kuksheem may shubha lakshana.

Let my hand be protected by Angeeras*,
Let my arms be protected by he who does good,
Let the master of speech protect my chest,
And let he who looks good protect my stomach.

*father of Brihaspati

Nabhim deva guru pathu, madhyam pathu sukha prada,
Katim pathu jagat vandya, ooru may pathu vak pathee.

Let my belly be protected by Guru,
Let he who does good protect my middle,
Let my hip be protected by he who is saluted by the universe,
And let the master of words protect my legs.

Janu jange suracharyo, padhou viswathamaka sada,
Anyani yani cha anganee, rakshenmay sarvatha guru.

Let the teacher of devas protect my thighs and knee,
Let my feet be protected by the soul of the world,
And let all other parts of my body be always be protected by Guru.

Ithyedath kavacham divyam trisandhyam ya paden nara,
Sarva kamaanvapnothi sarvathra vijayee bhaveth.

If this holy armour is read by men at dawn, noon and dusk,
They would succeed in all their acts,
And would gain victory everywhere.

Iti Sri brahmyamaloktham Sri Brahaspathi kavacham sampoornam.
Thus ends the armour of Jupiter which occurs in Brahamalokham.

Sacred Offerings for Peyarchi – Transit

The following Moon Signs are benefited:

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Cancer
  • Virgo
  • Scorpio
  • Capricorn

The following Moon Signs are Unfavourable for this transit:

  • Gemini
  • Leo
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

Those with unfavourable results are advised to do this special Puja like Homam, Sankalpam and Abhishekam to receive relief and good effects from Lord Jupiter. This is an essential time to undertake such sacred offerings. Significant blessings will be received by those who participate these archanams, pujas, hommams.

You may join the puja at the instructions below:

Step 1: Send Email stating your wish to participate in Brihaspati Peyarchi with Archana (prayers), Abhishekam, Homam (ritual offerings to fire), Sankalpam (sacred resolutions and intentions), and Puja (offerings). YOU MUST WRITE YOUR NAME, MOON SIGN .

Step 2: Make Payment via Paypal using the link below:

Thanks and Best Regards,
Sai Bharathi
Agasthya Astrologer

Planet Jupiter
Jupiter from the Webb Space Telescope   Image Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, Jupiter ERS Team; Processing: Ricardo Hueso (UPV/EHU) & Judy Schmidt

Explanation: This new view of Jupiter is illuminating. High-resolution infrared images of Jupiter from the new James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) reveal, for example, previously unknown differences between high-floating bright clouds — including the Great Red Spot — and low-lying dark clouds. Also clearly visible in the featured Webb image are Jupiter’s dust ring, bright auroras at the poles, and Jupiter’s moons Amalthea and Adrastea. Large volcanic moon Io’s magnetic funneling of charged particles onto Jupiter is also visible in the southern aurora. Some objects are so bright that light noticeably diffracts around Webb’s optics creating streaks.





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