Puja – Prayers and Offerings for World Peace


Puja for World Peace

flood damage, China

Man is born that he might not be born again. Sparks fly upwards when opposition between Mars and Saturn takes place. In this time, Mars is debilitated in Cancer (water sign) and Rahu is conjunct Saturn approaching exact degree of conjunction. This has effect on both personal activities (Cancer is the house of emotions, responsibility, duty to family and society, etc.), and on the world stage, as recent floods in China have born out. There is a need to seek peace within, and peace for the world. We offer one puja as loka sevanam, service to humanity, in which you may participate and join your prayers with others and priests in these troubled times.

From 16 July 2013, Sun is in Cancer; Saturn aspects Sun in Cancer until 18 August when Sun moves to Leo. Saturn aspecting Sun places energy of restraint, delay, interruption, to desires of personality and ego. Cancer is an auspicious location for the Sun; it brings frustrations to the natural drives to defend and support the home, the family, the matrilineal side of the family and personality. Where one wishes to respond with emotional sensitivity, Saturn causes disinclination. There may be fluctuating commitment to responsibilities and duties, particularly around the home; these may feel like a dead weight around the neck, an albatross. One may decline to accept sense of responsibilities for tasks.

On 19 August 2013, Mars enters Cancer, where Mars is debilitated. Mars is also aspected by Saturn. Mars and Saturn mutually aspect one another, as Saturn is four houses away in Tula – Libra rasi. This mutual aspect by Saturn and Mars continues up to 8 October when Mars moves into Leo.

Mars in Cancer feels entitled: entitled to seduce, to bloom, to gamble or engage in activities of speculation; to take up a false, glamorous persona in order to amuse, entertain, astound. Mars is a show-off in Cancer. Here and now, Mars is debilitated, lacking energy, vigour, drive, sense of satisfaction. Mars seeks to oppose Saturn, whereas Saturn, in vata sign of Tula (Libra) blows winds across the waters of Cancer and sends the sails of Mars into whirlpools and eddys of impotence: impotence of action, outcomes, progress, desires. Cancer — ruled by Moon, water house, house of emotions and desires, wants, all left unfulfilled by Saturn, whose influence is magnified by Rahu, north node of the moon. Not a good time for Mars. Mars opposes Saturn, four houses away. Mars may make rash, inconsiderate decisions simply to force activity, actions, the outcomes Mars desires. Here, Mars is an influence of impatience, aggression and spontaneous actions.

On the mundane – worldwide level, Saturn rules banking, politics, career and finance. Mars is the commander in chief, leading the van towards activity, new fields of action, victory. The year is Vijaya Varum, year of victory. A natural time for Mars to shine and take the lead. The current distaste, the lack of satisfaction with politicians and their ways and means of achieving their ends, the endemic corruption may elicit responses by Mars in a negative manner. Political, economic, banking institutions may all experience exposure of untoward activities; corruption, insider trading, cartels, and activities which flout the public morals and ethics in society.

a time of air disasters

Saturn is multiplied by Rahu. Sani vat Rahu may well propel single-issue Mars fuelled – Rahu driven warriors out into the public domain to expose that which is hidden, and leave the malfactors high and dry in a sea of mud, unable to move, defend themselves, unable to run and hide. Ketu takes, Rahu gives and multiplies. Mars, when frustrated in opposition to Saturn may hit the scene like a tsunami of errors. Remember, a tsunami withdraws the waters on the shores only to return with a fury, crashing down on the shores, breaking the bunds and surging inwards to flood malefactors with its suppressed frustration, anger, and inchoate rage. Mars is in a water sign, Cancer. Mars is totally capable of such action on the personal and mundane – worldwide levels.

While air disasters are possible due aspect of Rahu on Jupiter in Gemini during this period, Mars is in Water sign Cancer and Moon is in Revati, moving from Water to Fire sign Mesha. This is a difficult moment, indicating that natural disasters are possible by water; the focus of disasters by way of flood of emotion, floods by water, flooding and disaster by hurricane and typhoon will continue so long as Mars opposes Saturn from movable, water-based Cancer. Recent floods in Taiwan and China are evidence, as is continual evidence that contamination from Fukushima is ongoing.

China Floods top 2013 disaster lists

Saturn is multiplied by Rahu. Sani vat Rahu applies. Around 17 September will be the degree conjunction of Sani + Rahu … This is approaching full conjunction, – exact – and this time will be highlighted by more surprises, disruptions and natural disasters. This conjunction is not specific to India and there will be witness to this influence on an international stage. As Rahu pushes back the bunds, the borders, is also possible that there may be further border agitations – at home and abroad.

What are the solutions to these upcoming calamitous times? Loka seva, service to the World.

Sri Subramanya Swami Devasthanam, Tiruchendur

Sri Subramanya Swami Devasthanam, Tiruchendur

Lord Subramanya is deity for Planet Mars. Propitation of Lord Subramanya – Karthikeya – Murugan for Loka Sevanam, service to humanity on 24 – 25 September, Moon is in Krittika Nakshatra, 2nd Pada, Krittika is sattvic, ruled by Sun.

Sri Subramanya Swami Devasthanam, Tiruchendur

Sri Subramanya Swami Devasthanam, Tiruchendur

We take the opportunity to pray for world peace: to undertake Ekadasi Rudram and to make offerings, japam, homam, abhishekams at Tiruchedur with 36 priests.

It is very auspicious and blessed to perform spiritual activities at this temple (sankalpam – sacred effort, sacred works) as Lord Subramanyam blesses all who participate in prayers, homams, offerings, etc.

We will be undertaking Pooja and offerings at this place on 24 – 25 September 2013. Given below is the program of events:

24 September – Puja for World Peace


25 September – Puja for World Peace

  • Thara Abhishekam to Lord Subramanya (Murugaperumal) in Tiruchendur

At the present time, Mars is in Pushyami Nakshatra, which is of tamasic nature. Pushamyi is ruled by Sanicharaya, and has dharma as the foundation. If you seek to foster dharma in your life, and seek to remove excessive influence of Sani over Mangal- Mars in Pushyami Nakshatra, you may seek remedy from Sai Bharathi. To fully understand and apply remedies for this, Vimshottari Mahadasa and Bhukti are needed. To find your dasa details, we are available to supply needful information. You may contact us here.

All who seek to participate in Loka Sevanam – in this puja for world peace, please contact the undersigned giving name and details. You may contact us here.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Sai Bharathi
Agasthya Astrologer

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