Puja for World Peace, December 12, 2016

hands for world peace
Human life lives in chaotic times with many fearful of their personal future. There is also concern with the future of nations and the chaotic environment on Earth, with placements of planets and exchange of Lordships: Mars and Saturn. Saturn is with Sun – normally a situation of discipline and self-respect. With parivarthana (exchange of Lordship) and drishti (aspect) of Saturn to Mars, can place many – including executive leadership – in jeopardy. We offer one puja for world peace, for all: loka seva for all beings in all the worlds. This puja for world peace will take place at Tiruchendra Subramanya Temple on 12 December 2016. All are welcome to participate.



The current panchang tells it is Durmukha nama samvatsara; durmukha means bent or curved as in spine, as in feet, hands, mouth. People with curved mouth are miserable types. Bent also applies to human character; when it is said that someone is bent, it means they are open to corruption, not to be trusted, to be kept and arms length. A bent character means someone up to no good. Extreme effort at following sanathana dharma may circumvent effect of durmukha nama samvatsara. Namasmarana – repetition of the name of the Lord – is the most effective remedy in Kali Yuga.

The current panchang tells it is Dakshinaya; each year is divided into two halves, known as ayana, a six month period—either Uttarayana or Dakshinayana. Uttarayana begins on the day of the winter solstice, normally December 21, when the sun begins its apparent northward journey. Dakshinayana begins on the first day of the summer solstice, normally June 21, marking the sun’s southward movement. The two days commencing the two ayanas are considered sacred and known as punya kala, “times of great merit.”

The current panchang tells it is sara ritau, (India has six seasons, each lasting approximately two lunar months). Sara ritau is the season of fruits, usually beginning in Tula Mase (mid-October).

We may obtain benefit from paying attention to the above as it applies the seasonal adjustments to the indications given by the planets. For example, the Sun is presently in Vrishikha (Scorpio), fixed sign, often misrepresented as trika sign (trika applies to houses, not signs) and is a water sign. Vrishikha is also Pitta nature (ruled by Mars with Ketu as co-Lord) and represents North direction. The movement from Vrishika to Dhanus (Scorpio to Sagittarius) is gandanta (last 3° degrees of Scorpio and first 3° of Sagittarius) a period of significant personal challenge for inner growth particularly during transit of Sun and Moon. Gand means a knot. Anta means the end. Gandanta means the knot at the end. A well-tied knot is that it is very difficult to unravel, very difficult transits.



 Tiruchentur Subramanya Swami Temple

Kala Sarpa Yoga

October began with the Sun in Virgo conjunct Jupiter. Sun is now in Scorpio conjunct Saturn and Mercury. Mercury is sandhi, will move to Sagittarius and join Venus. Mercury will also be in parivathana, exchange of Lordship with Jupiter until February 2017. Moon will transit Virgo and remain in debilitation until it passes Ketu due Kala Sarpa Yoga. Kala Sarpa means time and snake – a name which describes the action of the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu when they hold all the planets within their grasp. A planet in Vedic Astrology is a graha, to seize, to grasp, to take hold of, to control by depletion of energy, allocate malefic energy to planets. Until Moon moves past Ketu in Aquarius, Kala Sarp Yoga applies to all on planet Earth. Mars will break the kala sarpa yoga in December on the 15th. There will also be some reprieve for half of each day, as the lagna moves from Pisces to Cancer, and 2 weeks out of every month while the Moon moves through Pisces to Cancer – there will not be a Kala Sarpa yoga.

Role of Saturn, Rahu, Mind and inner strength

Saturn is present in two-and-half year transit of Scorpio. Mars at present is transit of Capricorn, in Exaltation. Mars is Lord of Scorpio, Saturn is Lord of Capricorn. This is called mutual reception and planets exchange Lordship, parivarthana. Mars becomes temporary Lord of Capricorn – Makara – and Saturn becomes temporary Lord of Scorpio – Vrishikha. Mars has drishti – aspect – 4,7, 8 signs away from its location. Mars, exalted, now aspects Aries (own sign, fire sign), Cancer (water sign, Moon sign – keep in mind that Moon is presiding deity of the mind, be also mindful that there is agni in jala, fire in water) and also aspecting Leo, another fire sign. Rahu is currently in Leo receiving aspect of Saturn and is also aspected by Mars.

While some say that Rahu is giver of fraud and not to be trusted, under aspect of Saturn, the tendency of agitation of mind may be somewhat lessened, as Mars increases the heat to put face and fact to the world and make things happen. Here, inner strength is needed. The Vedas declare, Chandrama manaso jaathah; chaksho surya ajaayatha (the moon was born out of the mind and the sun out of the eyes of the Supreme Being). The real strength comes from our own inner self. This strength is unparalleled.



  sanathanakala, endless time. Humans may take their time … and attend to the Divine in their lives

Exalted Mangal (Mars) receiving aspect (drishti) of Shani (Saturn)

Mars is fire planet in Earth sign, in exalted state. Fire may flare up very quickly, restriction by Saturn may result in compression similar to cap on volcano in caldera. There can be immediate, sudden explosion. As Mars aspects 4,7 and 8 signs from its location, aspects to Aries (East), Cancer (North) and Leo (East). We may expect to see sudden fires in East, North and North-East locations. Due temporary Lordship of Scorpio by Saturn, action taken by Mars will be stronger than normal result. There will be impact on public heath, weather and climate, education, games and sports.

As always, mankind is never helpless. One may offer prayer and puja, personal time and effort in relation to their chosen deity in order to ameliorate – lessen – above-mentioned interaction of Planets Mars and Saturn. We recommend prayer – rudram – to Lord Shiva and to Lord Subramanya, who looks favourably upon devotees and gives bhaktarakshana, protection to all who seek his aid. See below to participate.

Nakshatra Challenges

Mars will move to Dhanistha nakshatra, of which Mars is Lord. Nakshatra trait is Satvic, Tamasic, Tamasic. As Mars is both temporary Lord of Capricorn and Nakshatra lord of Dhanishta, and while some say this is a practical nakshatra, Mars may well sit back and watch it all happen, due drishti of Saturn. There may be situation of bringing people together in mass activity – bhoga, enjoyment of abundance and fame – in the East, with oil in Pitta situation. All these are significations of Dhanistha nakshatra.

There is also challenge to financial situation in the world. There is 5th aspect from Jupiter and so issues arise with over spending and financial challenges. Saturn will aspect Taurus, traditional sign of revenue and stock exchange in astrology. Where the ruling party and ruler and the executive office may seek to spend their way to stimulate the economy (effect of Mars in Capricorn) Saturn’s aspect is a call to face reality as it it is and stop borrowing. Capricorn is of vata dosha (air, ideas, space, ether, not grounded) whereas Taurus is of kapha dosha (grounded, earthed, embodied, felt, feeling, visceral) where the effects of financial collapses may be experienced emotionally. Foreign trade is also indicated.




Puja, Offering, Prayers:

The world is where we live. In this world, we must follow dharma in the face of maya, illusion. There are chaotic nodes of mass illusion and mass toxic responses and fears of disasters. The message of the Sai Avatar Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Varu is Why Fear when I am Here? The Lord is here. Grace demands effort. Here, we invite you participate in puja for world peace.

  • Puja for World Peace Monday 12 December in star of Dhanistha Nakshatra – Ejamanasya Sankalpam will be held in THIRUCHENDU SUBRAMANYA TEMPLE ~ 5AM – 4PM with Homam, Rudram and Japam
  • Anyone wishing to participate in these puja may inform their people and join puja using the link below. Give Moon sign and Sun sign.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Sai Bharathi
Agasthya Astrologer



Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Varu

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